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JAMISON JESSUP is our CEO/founder.  He has 15 years of experience as an IEP Advocate.  He has represented parents in 800+ due process hearing cases and 1900+ IEP/school-based meetings.   He has extensive experience in school discipline, manifestation, and behavior matters.

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DR. JULIE ILLARI is a subject matter expert in behavior management, inclusion, trauma-informed practices, case management, and IEP creation. Before joining our team, she was the Assistant Director of Compliance for the 7th largest school district in the United States.

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GINA JAMIESON is a former special education teacher, reading specialist, and district resolution specialist.     She has extensive experience with manifestation meetings.  She has participated in 500+ IEP meetings and 400+ manifestation meetings.


MELISSA MANGINO is a former special education teacher,  senior supervisor of special education, and district supervisor of inclusion practices.    She is a trained professional skilled at translating parent concerns into an educational plan that meets a child's individual needs.

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JAMIE KIRSCHNER previously served as a principal and educational leader.  She is dedicated to championing education, coaching parents/families, and fostering inclusivity.  She is a former special education teacher and reading specialist trained in Orton Gillingham.

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